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29 April - 1st May 2021
Bob Hope Theatre, Wythfield Road, Eltham SE9 5TG

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The original Lampooned the French Court and politicians, in this version we take a stab at today's and television the characters we see in our modern world.

After the brief overture, the curtain rises on a pastoral scene on a Greek Island.

Eurydice enters and sings of the shepherd boy and beekeeper Aristaeus, with whom she is enthralled.

Eurydice is busy laying flowers on Aristaeus' shop when her husband, Orpheus, appears. He demands to know what Eurydice is doing. She tells him she loves Aristaeus and adds that she cannot stand Orpheus Music playing. In revenge, Orpheus starts to play his latest 75-minute concerto and completely ignores his wife's pleas for him to stop.

Orpheus decides to get rid of Aristaeus by placing a poisonous snake in the field.
When Aristaeus appears, Eurydice tries to stop him entering the field, but he ignores her. Eurydice follows him but gets bitten. Suddenly, Aristaeus turns into his real self: Pluto, Lord of Hades. Eurydice falls, dying, into Pluto's arms. Eurydice dies, but Pluto brings her briefly back to life so she can leave a farewell note for Orpheus. That done, Pluto takes her down to his underworld realm.
Orpheus finds Eurydice's note and, after his initial surprise, realises how pleased he is to be rid of his wife. The greek chorus intervenes to make him get Eurydice back.

Scene 2 Mount Olympus
The god Morpheus is scattering flowers to keep the gods asleep. Venus, Cupid and Mars, however, have been up all night at a rave.

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, arrives. He was ordered by Jupiter to investigate the disappearance of Eurydice as Jupiter has his wayward eye on her.

Orpheus enters together with the Greek chorus, who want to ensure that Orpheus asks Jupiter to restore his wife to him. Pluto, of course, has lied to Jupiter about the location of Eurydice, whom he is keeping in his palace in Hades.

The Gods Decided to take a trip to Hell.


Eurydice is guarded by the drunken John Styx Pluto's gaoler and Slave.

When Orpheus and the gods arrive, Styx hides Eurydice. Jupiter then turns himself into a fly to search the palace and find her. Eurydice loves the fly. Jupiter reveals himself and invites Eurydice to meet him at a party.

Eurydice attends disguised as a bacchante, a follower of Bacchus, god of wine and sings praises for the god.
When Orpheus appears, Jupiter tells him he can take his wife away, but only if he does not look back at her as they go. When Orpheus fails this test, Pluto claims Eurydice. Jupiter, however, takes her away from Pluto by announcing that he will have her.

Hang on says Eurydice, I am a free woman and helped by Juno and the other Goddesses is allowed to make her own choice.

Everyone, except the naughty guys Pluto and Jupiter, are delighted and the operetta climaxes with the energetic Can-Can, danced by all the gods and goddesses.

Cast List

Character Played By
Eurydice Rebecca Foster 
Orpheus Paul Booer 
Pluto Nathan Killen 
Jupiter Daniel Jaffe 
Cupid Helena Booer 
Diana Jane Kawar 
Styx TBA 
Venus Emily Rushton 
Minerva Jenny Harrison 
Juno Susannah Alexander 
Public Opinion Jackie Mitchell & Sue Vernon 
Hebe Maddie Lake 
Mercury David Fisher